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Finance nearly any need as it arises with the help of your home. A HELOC utilizes your home's equity as collateral for a competitive-rate credit line. Once the line of credit is opened, you can make advances as you need.

Unlike an amortized loan, what you don't use, you don't owe; you only pay interest on the part that's used. Added bonus: the interest that you do end up paying might even be tax deductible!

  • Utilizes your home's equity to secure financing
  • Competitively low rates for a wide range of seasonal or ongoing needs:
    • Home improvements
    • Debt consolidation
    • Personal expenses
    • Vacations
    • Home remodeling
    • Education expenses
    • Medical expenses
    • And more!
  • Accommodating terms, custom-tailored to customer's situation
  • Interest paid may be tax deductible*
  • Only pay interest on the part that's used
  • Direct, anytime access to funds without reapplying
  • Helpful service, centered on your needs
  • Local decision-making and processing in Otter Tail County
*Consult a tax advisor.